Trading Coaches

We give you the tools to control all of your traders.

Every trader is different in terms of account size, trading style, personality, time constraints, etc. Most of the educational programs cover nothing more than basic stuffs. These basic stuffs are not at all useful for professional traders. In real life, markets are more volatile – complex and need clear-cut risk management to make risk adjusted returns.

The Solution

RTG offers you the technology to analyze the trading behavior of your students on a long-term basis, to monitor each trader individually, with results at the end of each trader trying to deliver the best possible training results.

RTG Software Components

  • Riskmanager
  • Reporting
  • Analysis
  • Ranking
  • Benefits for Trading Coach

  • Realtime Analysis
  • Sharing Reports with Investors
  • Managing several Student
  • Process Optimization
  • Hourly Analysis
  • Note :

    RTG Software can custom designed to suit you and your business