Hedge Fonds

Accessing real-time risk and exposure reporting

We are seeing in this industry more formalised approach to investment management, with hedge fund clients increasingly insisting on more transparent, regular reporting, which can be matched to quantifiable risk profiles.

Data needs to flow seamlessly from manager to vendor and counterparties and back, to close any gaps between trading, risk and reporting. However, real-time data feeds, trade information and position monitoring are not always available, especially when dealing with different trading plattforms

The Solution

RTG Riskmanager will help hedge funds to better manage risk while providing transparency into investment activities that sophisticated investors require.

RTG Software Components

  • Riskmanager
  • Reporting
  • Analysis
  • Benefits for Riskmanager

  • Realtime Analysis
  • Sharing Reports with Investors
  • Managing several Traders
  • Process Optimization
  • Note :

    RTG Software can customdesigned to suit you and your business