trade the support and resistance levels Fibonacci Levels for multiple products across multiple timestamp with only some clicks.

Benefits for Trader

Fibo Trader Screenshots

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Plan your Strategie

Order Management

Signal History

Monthly License

€79/ month
  • Full Automatic System
  • Free Product selection
  • Free Broker selection

Lifetime License

€2937 / lifetime
  • Full Automatic System
  • Free Product selection
  • Free Broker selection

Frequently Asked Question

How do i install Fibo trader?

Locate and download an fibotrader.zip file. Locate and double-click the fibotrader.zip file. (It will usually be in your Downloads folder.) A dialog box will appear. Follow the instructions to install the software. The software will be installed

How to activate Fibotrader in MT4/MT5?

Click on Tools > Options. Select Expert Advisors tab. Click the 'Enable Expert Advisors' and click the 'Allow Live Trading'. Make sure both check boxes are ticked.

Do I need in-depth Fibonacci knowledge to use FiboTrader effectively?

Yes, it is of considerable advantage to know how Fibonacci work in general

What time times stamps can be traded?

Fibotrader supports all time windows which offered in the MT4/MT5 chart .

How many instruments can I trade at the same time?

You can trade several instruments at the same time with one mouse click.

Can I request a trial version

Can you teach me how to trade with FiboTrader?

RTG will start livestream very soon once a week via facebook and Youtube.

When will there be the first tutorials about FiboTRader?

The tutorial for the FiboTrader has a very high priority, in quarter 3 2019 we will create a detailed guide for the FiboTrader.