Risk manager feutures

Several windows allow risk managers to get an accurate view of the risk exposure for each trader and trading group:

View real-time positions and P/L by account, trader, or many other sets of parameters. Advanced filtering and sorting capabilities enable you to focus on specific positions.
View working orders and fills for all traders.
View current and historical fills for all traders and contracts.
Set visual, audible, and email alerts on many configurable values.

X_RISK provides several windows allowing risk managers to quickly manage each trader's position:

Select products and instruments using Market Explorer. Populate other windows using drag-and-drop.
View and manage traders' starting positions and manual fills.
Publish Contract Session Prices (e.g., Settlement, Close, and Opening Prices ) for any contract.
Send an instant message to a trader or groups of traders.
Delete stale orders.

Pre-execution risk parameters are set outside of X_RISK using TT User Setup.